About me

Creative work with people and especially with children inspires me and forms the basis and motivation for my work as director of my painting studio.

I find working with children particularly fascinating.
In the painting studio I have the opportunity to combine and realize this fascination as well as my passion for painting.

Painting contributes significantly to the development of a one’s personality.
With painting therapy, I would like to promote this personal development, whether that of children or adults, and support them by accompanying them in building up their self-confidence.

Quotes & other philosophies

I acquired the competence to manage the studio through my many years of training and education:

  1. Studies in Pedagogy and Art in Athens and Zurich
    Special knowledge in teaching and implementing different techniques
  2. Numerous courses at the F + F School of Art and Media Design & EB Zurich
    Moving picture, drawing, comic, figure & space, illustration, 3D, typographic design, photography, graphics with Illustrator, InDesign etc.
  3. Further education at the ZHdK on Research on Artistic Educational Projects
    Combination of art and education
  4. Painting and art therapy iac iA (5th year)
    Painting with children and accompanying adults
  5. Training in Medical Basics
  6. University in Athens
    Further modules in Psychology on the subject fields:
    • Stress and Depression
    • Neuroscience and education
    • Dealing with psychological trauma
    • Divorce of parents
    • Psychopathology of infants, children and adolescents
    • School education from a psychological point of view

My leisure time activities include the organization of events for / with children and writing and illustration of children's stories.

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